Why do I have to Allow Full Access to use app?

You don’t need to enable Allow Full Access to use the whole app. It works fine out of the box, but you’ll only be able to use the default theme without keypad tap sounds. You only have to enable Allow Full Access if you want to use the other colour theme and hear the keyboard tap sounds.
Your sensitive data and keystrokes are safe as the app does not store any information on any external server.

Can I type other Ghanaian languages apart from Twi with Nkyea Keyboard?

Yes you can. Apart from Twi and Fante, you can use it to type Ewe and Ga. It comes with all the additional letters for these languages. Below is a list of how to type the additional characters used in Ewe and Ga.

How do I send Ghanaian Emojis?

  1. Press the globe key and choose Ghanaian emojis to launch Ghanaian emojis.
  2. Tap the emoji or string of emojis you want to send.
  3. Tap the Send icon on the top right corner of the keyboard. This will copy the emoji or string of emojis.
  4. Tap the message window in iMessage, Viber or WhatsApp and a Paste bubble will appear.
  5. Tap the Paste bubble and press Send.

Why is the app not free?

Yes I know a lot of apps on the App Store these days are free, but most of these apps have tricky ways of making you pay to continue using them or unlock certain features. When you buy Nkyea Keyboard for $1.99 there are no hidden trickery to let you pay more for any features. You pay for all the features upfront and it helps me pay the bills.

Will you make Nkyea Keyboard for other platforms?

I have no plans for other platforms.

Who are you?

I’m Nana Sarpong. I make Nkyea Keyboard, Twi Phrasebook, Twi Primer and other apps for learning African languages.