Ewe Phrasebook

Learn the beautiful Ewe language on your iPhone and iPad.

Nkyea Ewe Phrasebook is a very easy to use but highly effective Ewe language app that makes learning Ewe a breeze for anyone who has an iPhone or an iPad.

Using Ewe Phrasebook you will:

Ewe Phrasebook will help you to understand Ewe so well you will be able to:

  1. speak it with your Ghanaian spouse, relatives and friends
  2. teach your children to speak too
  3. speak with Ghanaian co-workers
  4. speak it on volunteer missions while in Ghana
  5. listen to and understand Ewe radio shows
  6. listen to and understand the lyrics of Ewe songs
  7. watch and understand Ewe TV programs and movies

Ewe Phrasebook is just $2.99 on the App Store. Download and start learning now.

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