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Nkyea Ewe Phrasebook

Announcing: Nkyea Ewe Phrasebook

I am proud to announce the release of our latest African language learning app, Nkyea Ewe Phrasebook. Nkyea Ewe Phrasebook helps people with iOS devices to learn the Ewe language. Ewe is spoken by more than 6 million people in Ghana and Togo.

Drawing from our lengthly experience developing easy to use and highly effective African language learning products, I am very confident that Nkyea Ewe Phrasebook will make learning Ewe a breeze for anyone. The app contains more than a 1000 carefully selected beginner words and sentences to help you to learn basic phrases and dialogs.

Using Nkyea Ewe Phrasebook you will:

  1. Learn more than 1000 words and sentences contained in 14 in-depth topic areas to help you build a broad Ewe vocabulary.
  2. Record, playback and compare with the Ewe narrator to improve your speaking skills and fluency.
  3. Take challenging quizzes to reinforce your reading and listening skills.
  4. Ask any amount of words and sentences to be translated for you by the translator (monthly subscription).

Topic areas in the app include Essentials, Greetings, Conversation, Getting around, Accommodation, Eating out, Asking directions, Sightseeing, Shopping, Weather, Telling time, Services, Healthcare, and Emergencies.

Download Nkyea Ewe Phrasebook today and if you like it you can give it a good rating on the App Store.


How To Count In Asante Twi

Hello Twi learners, welcome back to the mini Twi blog series. In this post we shall learn Twi numbers from 0 to 10 and simple tips to help you to count further. Let’s get started.

Below is a list of Twi numbers from zero to ten.

ohunu        zero
baako         one
mienu         two
miɛnsa       three
ɛnan           four
enum          five
nsia             six
nson            seven
nwɔtwe      eight
nkron          nine
edu              ten


From eleven to nineteen, the numbers are a concatenation of du (ten) and another number e.g. baako to become dubaako (eleven). Note that for numbers with vowel prefixes, such are enum and ɛnan, the vowels are removed.

dubaako       eleven
dumienu       twelve
dunan            fourteen
dunum          fifteen


Counting in tens in Twi is quite simple. Ten is edu, so twenty, two tens, becomes edu nu written and pronounced as aduonu. Thirty, three tens, becomes edu sa written and pronounced aduasa. Below is a list of Twi tens from ten to hundred. Please take not of the spelling of each number.

edu                       ten
aduonu               twenty
aduasa                thirty
aduanan             forty
aduonum            fifty
aduosia               sixty
aduoson              seventy
aduɔwɔtwe        eighty
aduɔkron            ninety
ɔha                       one hundred


This will be about all for now. Our next blog post will be about telling the time in Twi. Stay tuned.

If you have an iPhone or an iPad and you want to learn more, you should download Twi Primer from the Apple App Store.


How To Say The Twi Alphabet (Digraphs)

In the previous blog post we learnt about Twi vowels and the sounds they make. Today, we shall build on that and learn about Asante Twi digraphs. Let’s get started.

A digraph is a combination of two letters representing one sound, as in ph to form f in English. There are 9 digraphs in Asante Twi. Below are the Twi digraphs.

dw pronounced jw with rounded lips.

dwene       to think


gy sounds like the j in jug.

gye       to receive


hw is like the initial sound made by the word whew!

ɛhwene       nose


hy pronounced sh as in shirt.

hye       to burn


kw is like the initial sound made by the word quick.

ɛkwan       road


ky pronounced ch as in chat.

ɛkyɛ       hat


ny is the same as the ñ in the pronunciation of España.

nyansa       wisdom


nw pronounced nyw. This is ny with rounded lips.

nwunu       cold


tw pronounced chw. This is ch with rounded lips.

twa       to cut


This is about all for now. Go over the digraphs and their associated words as many times as you can so that you can remember them. I hope you found this useful. We shall learn about Twi numbers in our next blog post. Stay tuned.

If you have an iPhone or an iPad and you want to learn Asante Twi grammar and vocabulary, you should download Twi Primer from the Apple App Store.