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Nkyea keyboard with one-handed keyboard mode.

Today we have released Nkyea keyboard 3.1.0 making it easier to type Akan, Ewe and Ga on the go on your iPhone.

Our new feature is similar to the standard iPhone keyboard’s upcoming one-handed typing mode, which when enabled, compresses the keyboard to one side of your screen so that you can better type with just one hand. The new one-handed keyboard mode can be activated by holding down the globe key in Nkyea keyboard. It can also be activated by choosing Keyboard position in the Settings section of the Nkyea keyboard main app.

Nkyea keyboard

iPhones are continuing to get larger so a one-handed keyboard is a small touch that can go a long way in improving the experience of using the phone to type in Akan, Ewe or Ga.

Learn more about Nkyea keyboard from here.


How To Say The Twi Alphabet (Vowels)

In this mini blog post we shall learn about Asante Twi vowels. We shall build on what we learn here in subsequent blog posts. Let’s get started.

The Twi alphabet is made up of 22 letters. There are 15 consonants and 7 vowels. Twi does not include the consonants c, j, q, v, x and z. Apart from the vowels a, e, i, o and u, Twi also includes two more vowels, ɛ and ɔ.

Twi consonants have the same sounds as their English counterparts, but the vowels e, ɛ, i, o, ɔ and u sound a bit different. Below are Twi vowels and the sounds associated with them.

a sounds like the a in apple.

aso       ear


ɛ sounds like the e in bed.

fɛfɛ       beautiful


ɔ sounds like the oo in door.

tɔn       to sell


i sounds like the ee in feet.

di       to eat


u sounds like the oo in do.

bu       to break


e stands for two sounds.
It can be pronounced as the i in sit or the a in way.

bebree       a lot


o also stands for two sounds.
It can be pronounced as the oo in foot or the o in go.

foro       a climb


This will be about all for now. Go over the vowel sounds and their associated words as many times as you can so that they stick better. I hope you found this useful. Our next blog post will be about Twi digraphs. Stay tuned.

Also, if you have an iPhone or an iPad and you want to learn more, you should download Twi Primer from the Apple App Store.