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Nkyea Ewe Phrasebook

Announcing: Nkyea Ewe Phrasebook

I am proud to announce the release of our latest African language learning app, Nkyea Ewe Phrasebook. Nkyea Ewe Phrasebook helps people with iOS devices to learn the Ewe language. Ewe is spoken by more than 6 million people in Ghana and Togo.

Drawing from our lengthly experience developing easy to use and highly effective African language learning products, I am very confident that Nkyea Ewe Phrasebook will make learning Ewe a breeze for anyone. The app contains more than a 1000 carefully selected beginner words and sentences to help you to learn basic phrases and dialogs.

Using Nkyea Ewe Phrasebook you will:

  1. Learn more than 1000 words and sentences contained in 14 in-depth topic areas to help you build a broad Ewe vocabulary.
  2. Record, playback and compare with the Ewe narrator to improve your speaking skills and fluency.
  3. Take challenging quizzes to reinforce your reading and listening skills.
  4. Ask any amount of words and sentences to be translated for you by the translator (monthly subscription).

Topic areas in the app include Essentials, Greetings, Conversation, Getting around, Accommodation, Eating out, Asking directions, Sightseeing, Shopping, Weather, Telling time, Services, Healthcare, and Emergencies.

Download Nkyea Ewe Phrasebook today and if you like it you can give it a good rating on the App Store.