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The Two Most Unconventional Ways to Learn Asante Twi

Asante Twi is the most important Ghanaian language to learn if you have to choose only one of the over 80 local languages spoken in Ghana. Asante Twi is spoken by more than 10 million Ghanaians.

As you know, the best way to pick up a language is to speak it with people who already speak it, but if getting people to help you speak it frequently becomes a problem there are two unconventional techniques that will greatly help.

By Listening To Highlife And Hiplife Music
Listening to music sung in Asante Twi can help you to hear how the words and sentences are said. More music is made in Asante Twi than any other language in Ghana. There are tons and tons of Twi Gospel, Highlife and Hiplife songs you can listen to on Ghanaian radio stations. If you are using an iOS device like an iPhone or an iPad you can download the TuneIn app and get a list of Ghanaian radio stations that play Highlife music from Daddy Lumba to Kwabena Kwabena and even oldies from Ɔboɔba J.A. Adofo. I recommend listening to radio stations like Peace FM and Adom FM. You can also purchase songs from excellent Twi speaking musicians like Sarkodie, Obrafour, Bisa Kdei, and K.K Fosu on iTunes and listen and deciper their melodic lyrics.

Ɔboɔba J.A. Adɔfo and the City Boys

Ɔboɔba J.A. Adofo and the City Boys

By Watching Kumawood Movies
Just as it is with music, more movies are made in Ghana in Asante Twi than any other language. They are mostly of the comedy genre and referred to as Kumawood movies because they are almost all the time produced in Kumasi. Kumawood movies are poorly produced but watching them to help you learn Twi is a bit better than listening to Twi music because when you don’t understand what is being said you can always read the body language of the actors to help you know what is happening. A few of the movies also have subtitles that can help you understand the scenes even better. A word of caution with the subtitles is that they contain a lot of English grammatical errors. You can search for Asante Twi movies on Youtube. I recommend movies starring actors like Kwadwo Nkansah, Dabo or Agya Koo.