Monthly Archives: December 2014

The New Nkyea

PROVERB: “Aburo, yɛde n’ani na ɛdua”

EXPLANATION: “Ade pa na wɔtrɛ aseɛ” – A good crop should be propagated.

It’s official. This is the new Nkyea.

Hello everyone. If you have an iOS device and you want to learn Akan then you are in luck. Nkyea has the right apps for you. We’ve had a reboot and a new website thanks to Kobe Subramaniam. My name is Nana Sarpong and I make African language apps at Nkyea. In 2015, I’ll concentrate on building language apps for the iOS platform (iPhone/iPad/Apple Watch) and probably discontinue Twi Primer for Mac and PC. This will free me up to pursue other interests.

Nkyea has a new iOS keyboard app called Nkyea Keyboard. If you want to type better Twi you should have a look at it. Nkyea Keyboard is a simple general-purpose keyboard to aid people in typing better Asante Twi. To start with, it includes the Ɛ and Ɔ keys so you can type Twi words without resorting to the use of 3 and ). You can also use the built-in translator to translate more than 10,000 English words to Twi and insert them in your document without leaving the app. Nkyea Keyboard is available for just $0.99 on the App Store.

See you in 2015 for more. Afenhyia pa oo!!!