The Complete Asante Twi Bundle

PROVERB: “Fa ha hyia me, nnyɛ akwankɔ

EXPLANATION: “Ɛyɛ sɛ akwantufoɔ bɔ anan nante” – Friends on a journey should always move together.

We just released the Complete Asante Twi Bundle in the App Store. This bundle includes the only three essential apps that’ll help you to quickly learn to understand, speak and write better Asante Twi. The three apps are like friends on a journey to help you learn Asante Twi so, you must pick the three together.

The bundle includes:

  1. Nkyea Twi Phrasebook – The premier Twi language talking solution for handy communication that includes more than 3600 words and phrases for everyday situations.
  2. Twi Primer – The most comprehensive course in Asante Twi that teaches you, in detail, Twi grammar and vocabulary and tests your understanding with interesting challenges.
  3. Nkyea Keyboard – The best general-purpose keyboard with an English-to-Twi translator of more than 10,000 words that helps you to type better Asante Twi.

If you buy them separately you’ll spend $6.97 so, Get the bundle today for only $5.99 and start accomplishing your resolution of learning Asante Twi in 2015.

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